What We Support

Area of Greatest Need

Gifts to the Area of Greatest Need allow the foundation to support the most pressing needs of Incline Village Community Hospital and its patients. The foundation board of directors approves the use of these funds to purchase new medical equipment, pay for the latest technology and provide support for special programs.

Capital Projects

Gifts to Capital Projects are used to fund facility upgrades. The IVCH Foundation board recognizes that healthcare services are always evolving and our community hospital is no exception to the necessity of modernizations.

The IVCH Laboratory and Emergency Room 5 are Scheduled to be Upgraded in 2017

To provide improved patient care and comfort, the IVCH Laboratory and Emergency Room 5 will be renovated in the fall of 2017. The projects will be coupled together for efficiency of construction as they are adjacent spaces. The Laboratory improvements will include a new patient waiting area, enhanced utilization of space for Laboratory operations and restroom improvements. Emergency Room 5 will be renovated to provide increased patient comfort for emergency women’s care and urgent eye procedures.

Past Capital Projects include:

Incline Medical Group and the Incline Health Center Facilities Installment and Upgrades

The Incline Health Center was installed in 2014 during Phase 1 of the capital project. Phase 2 upgraded and expanded the Incline Health Center and was completed in January 2017.

Incline Health Center is located on the second floor of Incline Village Community Hospital. Primary, pediatric and specialty health care services are provided by the Incline Medical Group, Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Diagnostic Imaging and Emergency Department Upgrades and Enhancements

Emergency medicine and diagnostic imaging technology go hand in hand for a patient care experience with the best quality outcome. The Emergency Room re-model and Diagnostic Imaging enhancement project was divided into two phases. Phase 1 was completed in 2008 and involved the comprehensive renovation of the IVCH Emergency Department. Phase 2 was completed in 2012 and involved a redesign of the IVCH Diagnostic Imaging suite to accommodate the installation of a new state of the art 16-slice CT Scanner.

Emergency Services

Gifts to Emergency Services are used to directly support the equipment needs of the ER department. IVCH remains the only hospital within a 25 mile radius of Incline Village. Our emergency department is open 24/7, ensuring our community members and visitors have access to nearby and excellent healthcare.


Gifts to our Endowment benefit our community’s health system in perpetuity. We are a proud partner with Parasol Community Foundation, who holds our endowment fund. You may designate endowment gifts to a specific department or program or to general support.

If you have any questions about doanations, please contact Incline Village Community Hospital Foundation Executive Director Karli Epstein at (775) 888-4204 or kepstein@tfhd.com.