Protecting And Managing Patient Identification Is Top Patient Safety Initiative At Tahoe Forest Health System

Jake Dorst, CIO

At Tahoe Forest Health System, patient safety is a top priority. One of the areas of focus is making patients safer through proper identification.

Proper patient identification is crucial to delivering high-value care, but an increasingly digital environment presents an array of IT challenges. Duplicate records, medical identity theft, and payment fraud can lead medical errors, patient dissatisfaction, and revenue loss.

In a recent podcast by Becker’s Hospital Review, Jake Dorst, Chief Information Officer at Tahoe Forest Health System, addressed challenges surrounding patient identification and discussed how Tahoe Forest used LifeMed ID to overcome barriers and protect patients.

Mr. Dorst touched on the following topics:

  • How duplicate records and disparate EMRs impeded Tahoe Forest Health System, and how the health system achieved registration accuracy
  • Key IT initiatives the health system implemented regarding security and safety issues
  • How Tahoe Forest’s Blue Life healthcare management program benefits patients
  • The involvement of clinicians, staff, various non-IT departments, patients and the community in the Blue Life program

Listen to the full podcast here: