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Programs and Support Groups for Patient Education, Recovery, and Rehabilitation

Tahoe Forest Health System offers classes and support groups to aid in your current and post care recovery and rehabilitation. Special classes and support groups have been tailored to meet the needs of Expecting and New Mothers, as well as Cardiac, Pulmonary, Cancer, Diabetic and/or Seniors Patients. Classes and programs are supervised by nurses, registered dieticians, and exercise physiologists, and are centered on an individualized, medically monitored exercise plan, nutrition, and lifestyle. They are appropriate for all fitness levels and patients in all stages of treatment or recovery. Tahoe Forest Health System also offers a variety of Support Groups and we invite you to join us.
Tahoe Forest Supportive Care Programs and Support Groups
Prenatal Classes- What are Your Birth Options? Learn About Labor, Delivery and Newborn Care. Lamaze prepared childbirth classes taught by registered nurses. Learn what to expect during labor, delivery and postpartum, including:
  • Pregnancy, labor & delivery
  • Medications and epidurals
  • Relaxation techniques
  • The coach’s role
  • Prenatal exercises
  • Tour of Tahoe Forest Labor & Delivery unit
  • Cesarean births
  • Postpartum exercises
  • Car seat safety
  • Meet with a Pediatrician
  • Breathing Patterns
  • Home proofing & accident prevention
  • Basic infant safety instruction
  • Baby Friendly Education
  • Infant care and newborn behavior
Tahoe Forest Hospital is a designated Baby Friendly facility, and provides breastfeeding support before, during and after delivery of your baby! . 
For more information, dates, and registration please call 587-3769 or email
Cardiac Reconditioning Program at Tahoe Forest Hospital offers exercise for heart or lung patients, seniors, or anyone needing to work with nurses and exercise physiologists for an individualized, medically monitored exercise plan. These classes are appropriate for all fitness levels and meet MWF 7:15 am, 8:30 am, or 9:30 am and Tuesday 9 am. Feel better by joining us in these fun workouts.
For more information call 582-3285.
Silver Steps Program at Tahoe Forest Hospital offers a personalized fitness program designed especially for seniors of all ages. The program is designed to help senior men and women increase their physical stamina regardless their current fitness level, allowing for more enjoyment from daily activities, reduction of health risk factors, and enhance participants overall quality of life. Program goals are cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance coordination, and body composition. These classes are appropriate for all fitness levels and meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:15am, 8:30am, or 9:30am. Punch cards available for purchase and include 36 classes (12 weeks), a complete fitness assessment and personalized exercise counseling. 
For more information or to register for the Silver Steps program call 530-582-3285
Wednesdays 9:30am to 10:30am. Get the facts to reduce your risk of heart disease.
Topics Include:
Stress Management, Strength Training Tips, The Latest in Heart Health, Medication Tips from your Cardiac Nurse, Heart Healthy Eating Plans- Which one is for you?, Exercise and Heart Disease, The How and Why of More: Fiber, Fish, and Soy, High Blood Pressure and Your Heart, Emotional Aspects of Heart Disease, Grocery Store to You- Foods for Fast, Easy Heart Healthy Meals, Am I Having Chest Pain?, Mindful Better Eating- Get to the Weight you Want.
For more information and Registration call (530) 582-3285
GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS- Surviving the loss of a loved one is a personal and often challenging experience. Tahoe Forest Hospice Services offers a Grief Support Group in a safe and supportive environment. We’ll help you develop insight on how to endure the loss of a loved one, ease the burden of grieving alone, and develop skills for adjusting to a new life situation. They are free and open to any community member who has endured the loss of a loved one and is seeking support and education. All participants are required to have an initial interview prior to attending the support group meetings.
Truckee - 1st Tuesday of every month
For information please contact the Bereavement Coordinator at (530) 582-6575.
Hands on support for New Moms and Their Infants
Weekly, Thursdays from 10am-12pm. Informal classes with emphasis on individual teaching for the nursing couplet. Get help with proper breastfeeding techniques, positioning the infant, "latch-on" techniques, sore nipples, engorgement, increasing your milk supply, breast pumps and nipple sheilds, postpartum issues, bottle feeding, infant nutrition, parenting issues. Facilitated by Cindy Bansen, RN, Certified Lactation Counselor. Meetings held at the Tahoe Center for Health and Sports Performance 10710 Donner Pass Road, Truckee
Call for more information: (530) 582-3247.

CELIAC DISEASE (WHEAT AND GLUTEN FREE) SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS- Monthly. Come learn of new products, restaurants, recipes, travel tips and more. Share your ideas, frustrations, and successes. Facilitated by registered dietitian, Betsy Taylor. Meetings held at the Tahoe Center for Health and Sports Performance. Call for more information: (530) 587-3769

Tahoe Forest Cancer Center a proud affiliate of UC Davis Cancer Care Network
Offers Free Supportive Care
Tahoe Forest Cancer Center offers a variety of Free Supportive Care Programs. Cancer specific support programs have been shown to play an important role in an improved patient experience as well as improved cancer survival rates.
They use an integrated approach to patient, family and caregivers psychosocial needs before, during and after a course of treatment. This is a whole-person approach to cancer care that addresses the social, psychological, emotional, spiritual and functional aspects of a patient’s cancer journey to improve the quality of life for the patient, the family and the caregiver.
Below is a list of some of the Free Supportive Care Programs currently offered:
See our current class offerings and calendar
The WeCARE!™ Community-Based Cancer Peer Navigator program provides special support on a one-to-one basis. It matches newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with trained cancer survivors. The WeCARE!™ program is available to any newly diagnosed cancer patient, regardless of where the patient receives treatment.
Peer navigators are breast cancer survivors who have been trained to be “coaches.” They will provide information on your disease and treatment options, as well as resources to help you and those you love. They are also trained to assist you with problem-solving and coping strategies. If desired, a peer navigator can go with you to your doctor’s visit or treatments.
For more information, call the Cancer Center at (530) 582-6450.
Caregiver Education and Navigation Workshops
Supporting your loved ones through cancer can be a difficult and confusing experience. Tahoe Forest Cancer Center understands that an educated and supported caregiver is a powerful force in the fight against cancer. This 4 week Workshop covers topics such as: navigating billing and insurance; help support your loved one with proper nutrition; time to ask specific questions about cancer, treatment and diagnosis; and whole body wellness.   
For more information, call the Cancer Center at (530) 582-6450.
Exercise for Energy
The class incorporates strengthening, stretching, breathing, balance, cardio and yoga. All classes are supportive, medically managed and taught by health professionals, giving you the tools you need in a supervised environment.
For more information, please call (530) 582-7415, or Pre-screening required.

Yoga for Paients and Survivors
A combination of yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation, this gentle class helps students relieve stress and anxiety, gain greater body awareness, and strengthen from the inside out. Students are encouraged to work at their own level to improve physical, emotional, and mental health throughout treatment and recovery.
For more information, please call (530) 582-7415, or
This American Cancer Society program is designed to help women overcome the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment. Expert local estheticians offer this program monthly. Supplies must be ordered, so please be sure to register in advance.
For more information, call (530) 582-6450 for dates and registration.
Tahoe Forest Hospital District, 10121 Pine Avenue, PO Box 759, Truckee, CA 96160, (530) 587-6011

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