Tahoe Center for Health & Sports Performance

Tahoe Center for Health & Sports Performance in TruckeeThe Tahoe Center for Health & Sports Performance mission is dedicated to restoring and optimizing your health and performance. Whether you are a first-time exerciser, a weekend warrior, senior citizen, recovering patient, elite athlete or just looking to improve your overall health, we can customize a program for you.

As part of the Tahoe Forest Health System, we offer services that include a wellness center, a sports medicine clinic, physical therapy and rehab services, a fitness center and integrated health services. Located in Truckee, California we offer services to members of our community but also to individuals traveling or visiting the Lake Tahoe area.

The Tahoe Center for Health and Sports Performance is located at 10710 Donner Pass Road, Truckee, CA.

For more information on the Fitness Center or any of the programs offered at the Tahoe Center for Health and Sports Performance please call (530) 587-3769 or email wellness@tfhd.com.

Group Exercise Class Schedule

Fitness Center

Our medically-integrated Fitness Center is open to the public. Our professional, certified staff is here to help you improve your overall health and optimize your performance. We offer a safe, friendly and comfortable environment to workout in. With our state-of-the-art equipment including cardiovascular, strength training, free weight, and balance and flexibility equipment, we will get you exercising safely and effectively. We are much more than just a "gym", in fact we offer a wide variety of health and wellness programs and a systematic progression program for all levels of athletic ability.

Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday

6:30 am - 6:30 pm

Saturday, Sunday 

7:45 am - 4:00 pm


Fitness Center and Group Exercise Memberships are offered as well as daily passes, and 10-pack punch cards.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers are experts in assessing your individual needs and health considerations. Together we will design a program that is motivating, safe and enjoyable. Our professional staff will make sure that you are exercising effectively and appropriately to meet your fitness goals. Personal training sessions may be purchased on an individual basis or in discounted multiple visit packages.

Group Exercise Classes

Add variety to your exercise routine with one of our dynamic group exercise classes. We offer a wide range of activities to meet your needs and interests. Group exercise classes are complimentary with a Group Exercise membership, or may be purchased on a drop-in basis and $5 Happy Hour Yoga classes are offered every Friday. See group exercise class schedule for information about classes offered.

Specialty Programs

Alignment is the key to success! Pilates consists of developing core strength and flexibility which allows for achievements in muscular balance, core strength and flexibility. Pilates sessions may be purchased on an individual basis or in discounted multiple visit packages.

We offer Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformers Small Group Classes and Pilates Reformer Personal Training.

Weight Loss and Nutrition

Weight Loss Programs

Work with us to create a nutrition and fitness program designed to fit your individual needs. Trained dieticians and exercise physiologists will work with you to create lasting change through behavior modification, nutrition education and physical activity.

Body Composition Assessment

Body composition testing determines the ratio of lean body mass to fat body mass. Relying on the scale to track fat loss isn't the best way, as the scale doesn't tell you how much muscle mass you have. Too much fat can lead to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and other serious conditions. If you keep your body fat within a reasonable level, you'll be healthier and, of course, slimmer.

Nutritional Consultations

Whether your goal is to lose weight, maximize athletic potential, manage your cholesterol and blood pressure, navigate through menopause, or prevent other chronic diseases, our professional registered dietitians will help design a nutritional program to meet your needs. Counseling with a registered dietitian can help you reach and maintain your peak health, decrease doctor visits and reduce prescription drug costs. Our professional registered dietitians will design a customized nutritional program to meet your needs!

Nutrition Coalition

Led by the Tahoe Center for Health and Sports Performance, this coalition has combined the efforts of our local Social Service Agencies, Truckee Tahoe Unified School District, physicians, business leaders and parents. Our mission is to implement education and programs that promote nutrition and physical activity for the children and parents of our community through a collaborative effort of people and resources.

Community Health Education

We want our community to be as healthy as it can be. The Tahoe Center for Health and Sports Performance offers a number of special wellness programs throughout the year in conjunction with the Tahoe Forest Health System. These events give us the opportunity to provide the community with in-depth preventative education in the form of lectures, health screenings, clinics and health fairs. Our local physicians and health professionals team up to provide you with the latest research in their specialty areas helping you become a more well informed health consumer.