Ways To Give

Heart in hands

Make a Bigger Impact by Donating Securities

By donating long-term appreciated securities with a higher value than your original purchase price or cost basis, you can deduct the current fair market value as a charitable donation. So say you paid $1,000 for 50 shares of stock, or $20 per share. It has appreciated to $10,000, or $200 per share. When you donate the shares to the charity, you can deduct the $10,000 as a charitable contribution, even though you paid only $1,000 for those shares originally, resulting in a larger deduction than giving a $1,000 cash donation.  

It’s easy! Call us at (530) 582-6277, and we’ll help you make a bigger impact to support what you care about at our hospital.

Give with your Time

  • Foundation Board Member
    Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation’s mission is to cultivate and foster enduring relationships which will facilitate the building of a healthier community and the ongoing enhancement of our health care system. We are seeking community members who have an interest in serving a 3-year term as a member of our Foundation Board of Directors. To schedule an informational interview, call us at (530) 582-6277.
  • The Gift Tree - Hospital Gift Shop Volunteer
    Email thegifttree@tfhd.com or call Coordinator Wendy Lenz at (530) 582-3511.
  • Foundation Administrative Assistant
    We are looking for an individual who can volunteer a few hours per week helping us with data entry, document scanning, mailings, and filing. Call us at (530) 582-6277 to learn more about this important volunteer position.