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Incline Health Center exam room

Incline Health Center – Increasing patient visits by the thousands

Access to a nearby doctor’s office improves the quality of life in Incline Village. In view of that, Incline Health Center has grown, increasing the range of medical services it provides and its hours and days of operation. In the past three years, this has amounted to thousands of more patient visits taking place locally. We are thrilled to announce that beginning in October 2019 Incline Health Center will be open seven days a week to provide excellent Primary and Family Medicine care. Pediatric, Cardiology, Otolaryngology and Orthopedic health services are also provided weekly at IHC.

The health center is located on the second floor of Incline Village Community Hospital. Call (775) 831-6200 to establish care with one of our providers or to schedule an appointment. Walk-in appointments for existing patients are accepted based on provider availability.  


1,879 patient visits in 2016


2,557 patient visits in 2017


4,540 patient visits in 2019