Hospital Updates

Kristin O’Connor, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Behavioral Health Expands at IVCH

The health system and Foundation have been developing the plan and sourcing funding for the integration of Behavioral Health into primary care at the Incline Health Center MSC since 2017, when the TFHS Community Health Needs Assessment report strongly indicated a need by the community for these services. Katina Varzos, Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner for Behavioral Health started at Incline Health Center in July 2020. We were thrilled for Katina’s arrival and are now incredibly pleased that Kristin O’Connor has rounded out the Behavioral Health staff for Incline Health Center. 

Kristin O’Connor, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker joined Tahoe Forest Health System in December 2020.  Ms. O’Connor received a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from Loyola Marymount University and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California. She will assist primary health care providers in recognizing and treating mental health disorders and psychosocial problems, as well as provide assessment, diagnostic evaluation and counseling services to patients. Please welcome Kristin to IVCH!  Both Katina and Kristin are both significant resources for our community.  

Funding for the Behavioral Health program at IVCH Foundation was provided by two very generous grants and private donations.  Without these incredible gifts we would not have been able to offer Behavioral Health services as quickly as we have in Incline Village.