News: Tahoe Forest Center for Health

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parents with their infant
Helping New Parents with the Transition to Parenthood
stethoscope with pen and notepad
Next Truckee date: Friday, September 14, 7 - 9 am To better serve our uninsured patients, we offer a variety of discounted lab tests. No appointment...
family of three
A unique program for people who do not have diabetes but may be at risk.
Woman tying athletic shoes preparing to exercise
Get fit this fall! Healthy weight loss in 6 weeks!
Breathe... Free yourself from nicotine!
Are you ready to make changes in your eating, but need some support?
Active Aging Fitness Class
We offer a variety of group exercise classes designed specifically for older adults
mindfulness Stress Reduction
Stressed out? Depressed? Chronic illness? Bad relationship with food?