News: Tahoe Forest Center for Health

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mother holding baby feet
For Parents and Infants - 3 Weeks Old to Crawling
silhouette of person meditating in mountains
Join us on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for true happiness- Self-Care classes for only $5!
stethoscope with pen and notepad
To better serve our uninsured patients, we offer a variety of discounted lab tests. No appointment is necessary.
woman doing pushups
Kick it up a notch! Get ready for winter with this 4-week results driven fitness and weight loss program.
scale, measuring tape, pink dumbbell and green apples
Nov 18th - Jan 10th. Maintain. Don't gain. Feel good while avoiding holiday weight gain this year.
happy mom and baby
A warm and fun environment for mothers & newborns to socialize and learn about how to get a healthy start to life
group of women exercising indoors
The Tahoe Forest Center for Health offers a great schedule of classes for many different ages and abilities.
kitchen counter with meal cooking setup; female hands cracking egg over pan
Join us for monthly health supportive cooking demos!
female working out on smith machine
Every performance endeavor is affected by our mindsets.