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Students in operating room with Dr. Ringnes
Truckee, Incline and North Tahoe high school students participate in cadaver surgery at UNR Medical School
Citizens Oversight Committee: Christy Curtis, Sherrin Fielder, Paul Leyton (Vice Chair), Gerald Herrick (Chair), Sarah Wolfe, and Gary Davis (not pictured: Gary Boxeth)
This year, voter-approved Measure C improvements brought Tahoe Forest Hospital up to state-mandated seismic standards and modernized and upgraded l
Varian TruBeam at Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center
Cancer Center Achieves Four-Year Accreditation for Radiation Oncology Services
Harry Weis, TFHS CEO; Karen Baffone, Chief Nursing Officer; Samantha Shields, RN; Stacie Renno, RN; Judy Newland, Chief Operating Officer, at the Nurses of Excellence Awards Ceremony
Tahoe Forest Health System announced its 2017 Nurses of Excellence in a special ceremony on Wednesday, May 9.
Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center
Successful Completion of Quality Oncology Practice Initiative Three-Year Certification Program
Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center
Electronic health hecords are now a part of Growing CancerLinQ® database to help physicians pncover patterns and prends and receive real-time quality...