Wellness Team Member of the Month

Lucy Navabpour
Lucy Navabpour

Most of you know Lucy from our Pilates and Health Coaching programs, and we are happy to announce she will be joining our Tahoe City location as well! Lucy is passionate about helping people to work towards the healthiest version of themselves. 

Lucy is an experienced Certified Pilates Instructor and Restorative Exercise Specialist. She loves to work with people in all stages of physical health from those needing rehabilitation and/or encouragement and tools to get moving, to those experienced movers who desire a full body workout. She focuses on alignment and body mechanics for balanced muscle development and fitness as well as self-massage for pain relief and muscle health. Lucy is also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and through coaching Lucy can help guide you, to develop and take steps towards, a compelling vision for your whole health. Lucy finds it truly exciting to experience the profound changes and improvements her clients make with her guidance and encouragement both through her exercise instruction and Health Coaching! 

Lucy is a country girl from Australia. She has always been passionate about sports and physical recreation such as swimming, running, hiking, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. From the farm to the ocean and now the mountains, she has always appreciated nature, its challenges and beauties. 

Call us at (530) 587-3769 to schedule a Pilates or Health Coaching session with Lucy!