Program News

Upcoming Exercise Programs
Trainer working with a client at the gym

Slowly but surely we are getting back to regular programming with our exercise programs this year! We have three upcoming events that we hope you want to check out:

  • Dynamic Aging Workshop in Tahoe City: This 4-week workshop will teach participants how to start waking up parts of their body that have been 'asleep' for awhile, and also how to start building more movement into their life.
  • Boot Camp Express:¬†Kick it up a notch with this results- driven fitness and weight loss program that takes place in a safe and supportive atmosphere.
  • Yoga Basics:¬†This 2 hour workshop is for students interested in trying out yoga. Learn basic poses and how to execute them safely for your body.

For more information, look at the events listed below! Call us to enroll (530) 587-3769.