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Plant-Based Protein: Why all the Hype
bowl of beans

Plant-based proteins include items such as soybeans (edamame), tofu, Beyond Meat products, lentils, quinoa, and more. Here are just some of the reasons people are eating more plant-based proteins and less meat:

  • Heart Health: Substituting meat with plant-based protein helps your heart by reducing heart-harmful saturated fat, and providing a heart-protective effect from soy, healthy fats, and fiber.
  • The Environment: Eating less meat reduces your carbon footprint. The Environmental Working Group estimates that producing, processing, and transporting a ¼ pound of beef is like driving 27 miles in a midsized car. The Impact from the same amount of lentils: 0.9 miles!
  • Weight Management: The extra fiber in plant-based proteins helps people feel more satisfied with less food, and plant-based options are often lower in calories than their meat counterparts.
  • The Taste: Add delicious new flavors to your plate!
  • Greater Variety of Nutrients: Varying your sources of nutrients helps ensure you receive a balance of ALL the micronutrients and phytonutrients you need to fight infections and cancer, and even slow the aging process.

Remember, it’s not all or nothing - you don’t have to become a vegan to try plant-based proteins. Start by preparing one plant-based protein meal per week at home. If you love it, shoot for more! You’re off to a great start with improving your health and the health of our planet!

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