Project Zero Challenge

Project Zero Challenge

scale, measuring tape, pink dumbbell and green apples

November 16th - January 8th

Registration opens November 16th

Maintain. Don't gain. Feel good while avoiding holiday weight gain this year. Sign up by entering your starting weight between November 16th - 25th.

*New Users Only

1. Go to
2 . Click to create an account as a New Member
3. Enter the Company ID: 11890
4. Complete the registration process

* For anyone already enrolled in Wellworks, log in at

1. Select Menu > Challenges
2. Select Sign Up under Project Zero Challenge
3. Click Join

All weights are confidential
1. INITIAL WEIGH-IN: Nov 16 - 25
2. POST WEIGH-IN: Jan 1 - 8
3. Log weights throughout for optimal success

Three winners will be drawn (from all who enter a pre- and post-weight) to win prizes at the end of the challenge!

Check your e-mail throughout the challenge for health tips and motivation!

For questions, e-mail: