Raising Healthy Eaters – Toddler Edition

Boy eating fruit

Nourishing a toddler is tough! Do you ever wonder if you're 'doing it right' or curious on how to do it better?

Join us for a one-hour class, plus a 30-minute Q & A covering these topics:

  • How to handle picky eating
  • Meal & snack ideas
  • Nutrients of concern and foods to focus on Cracking toddler-code around food Intuitive eating for kids
  • Tips for managing meal time battles
  • Milk guidelines for the toddler years

This class is geared for parents of toddlers aged 12 months to 4 years old. (Or grandparents, caregivers, or anyone interested in learning!)

Class held in-person and virtually

Cost: $35

Register now, or for more information on an upcoming session, call the Tahoe Forest Center for Health at (530) 587-3769 or email centerforhealth@tfhd.com

October 27, 2020