Baby Massage

Baby Massage

mother holding baby feet

For Parents and Infants - 3 Weeks Old to Crawling

May be offered virtually! Please call the Center for Health at 530-587-3769 for remote access login and updates on events.

Benefits for BABY

Baby Massage:

  • Promotes bonding/attachment¬†
  • Improves circulation, digestion and¬†organization¬†
  • Reduces muscular tension¬†
  • Enhances awareness of being loved, accepted and safe¬†
  • Reduces fussiness¬†
  • Helps baby learn to relax¬†
  • Baby feels respected and responded to¬†

Benefits for PARENTS 

Massage Promotes: 

  • Bonding¬†
  • Relaxation
  • Communication ‚Äď both verbal and¬†non-verbal¬†
  • Positive parenting skills¬†
  • Increased confidence in parenting¬†
  • Pleasure & enjoyment¬†
  • An opportunity to connect and share quality time¬†

Taught by Linda MacKenzie, RN, Certified Infant Massage Instructor 

Wednesdays, October 7 ‚Äď 28, 2020, 1-2:30 pm

Tahoe Forest Center for Health
10710 Donner Pass Road, Truckee, CA

$60 for 4 Weeks 

*Please bring a thick blanket or quilt for baby to lay on 

New! "Soothing Touch for High Need Babies"
Learn how to soothe your fussy baby or high need baby with baby massage techniques. 
Individual sessions for baby and parents- $60. 

Pre-registration is required. Please call (530) 587-3769 or e-mail