Did you Know?

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The Health Resources and Services Administration awarded approximately $6.3 million for Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Program grants to improve patient health outcomes and improve the quality of rural health care services in primary care settings.

The Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation was recently awarded $199,717 annually for the next three years to expand Behavioral Health programs at Tahoe Forest Health System. The goal of the Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care program is to increase the early identification of mental health needs and access, through integration of mental/behavioral health into primary care clinics for Tahoe Forest System patients who are 12 years of age or older.

This program will make an incredible difference in our community, and will give the proper tools to Primary Care providers to address behavioral health issues; when historically referrals have been extremely difficult in our rural home. Tahoe Forest Health System employees dedicated a significant amount their time and efforts to receive this. Kudos to Eileen Knudsen, Lizzy Henasey and Maria Martin for their hard, diligent work in securing this grant for the Health System.