In 1951, the Dick Joseph family created a legacy that would benefit our community for generations to follow by donating the land for a new hospital to the community. The community quickly rallied around this donation and created the Tahoe Forest Hospital District. Today, Tahoe Forest Health System continues to thrive under this heritage of philanthropy.

Your donations make a variety of important services and programs possible, and ensure that our Health System can continue to provide the margin of excellence our residents, second homeowners and visitors rely on. New cancer treatment chairs, diagnostic equipment, children's libraries for our Hospice program, an educational resource center in the Briner Imaging Center, underwriting for a nutrition program in our local schools, and healthy aging programs for seniors are just a few of the visions we have been able to realize through philanthropic support.

Donations to the Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation may be directed to a specific department, program or service, or directed to "area of most need." Gifts may be made in honor of a family member or friend, or in memoriam. In any case, your funds are ensuring the ongoing provision of excellent health care for residents and visitors alike.

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Area of Greatest Need

Gifts to the Area of Greatest Need allow the foundation to support the most pressing needs of Tahoe Forest Health System and its patients. The foundation board of directors approves the use of these funds to purchase new medical equipment, pay for the latest technology and provide support for special programs.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

This fund will support the purchase of additional patient ventilators, provide Personal Protective Equipment for staff, supplement our COVID-19 Drive-by Clinic, and help with emergency staffing needs. The Tahoe Forest Health System is also experiencing a loss of revenue because elective office visits, surgery, laboratory and diagnostic services have been limited as a precaution to protect the health of our community. If you have the means, we need your support.

Annalise King Hall Fund

The Annalise King Hall Fund aids in building a framework that provides Tahoe Forest Health System employees the tools and training to help families that have experienced the loss of a baby or newborn, as well as provides funds to purchase state of the art equipment that supports the Joseph Family Center for Women and Newborn Care. This fund has sponsored nursing bereavement training, funded the human breastmilk project, purchased a cuddle cot, provides comfort packages for grieving families, and will purchase advanced perinatal monitoring systems. The Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation is incredibly thankful for Josh and Lindsay Hall who are enabling Annalise’s legacy to live on through their life-saving generosity.

Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center

Located in the High Sierra town of Truckee California, Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center has a purpose as rarified as its elevation.

Our goal is to provide the best rural cancer treatment in the country, and to do it in the most honest, supportive and compassionate way we know how.

Led by Medical Director, Medical Oncologist and Hematologist Ahrin Koppel, MD, Medical Oncologist and Hematologist Melissa Kaime, MD, FACP, Radiation Oncologist Kathleen Legarza, MD, and Medical Oncologist and Hematologist Thomas Semrad, MD, MAS, FACP, the Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center’s mission is to provide our local community with a high level of cancer treatment and support programs not often found in rural settings.

Simply put, our technology is the very latest. Our treatment options are the most current, including access to clinical trials through our affiliation with the UC Davis Cancer Care Network, and our supportive care programs are among the best in the country.

Oncology Support Programs

Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center offers a variety of supportive care programs. Cancer specific support programs have been shown to play an important role in a patient’s overall treatment program.

We offer an integrated approach to psychosocial needs before, during and after treatment. This whole-person approach to cancer care addresses the social, psychological, emotion, and functional aspects of the journey to improve the quality of life for the patient, family and caregiver. Each of these programs are offered at no cost to patients and is offered through generous philanthropic support. 100% of donations to Tahoe Forest Health System are given where the donor has intended.

Emergency Services

Emergency and Acute Care are available 24 hours a day at both Tahoe Forest Hospital and Incline Village Community Hospital. The Foundation has established an Emergency Patient Assistance Fund which provides modest sums for food, a change of clothes, transportation and other essentials that make a difference for patients during a difficult moment in their lives. In certain instances, we can help individuals or families with bigger needs like rent, utilities and furniture to ensure patients return to a stable and healing home environment. In the saddest cases, we help with funeral expenses.


Gifts to our Endowment benefit our community’s health system in perpetuity. We are a proud partner with Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, who holds our endowment funds. You may designate endowment gifts to our General Support Endowment Fund or the Community for Cancer Care Endowment Fund.

Home Health/Hospice

Tahoe Forest Home Health provides quality care services in your home under the direction of a physician. We will provide care that is tailored to a patient's needs with the right mix of individuals and services. Registered nurses, Home Health Aides, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Medical Social Workers all work collaboratively on the plan of care. Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, have a medical condition that requires frequent assessment or require rehabilitation to increase your strength or activity tolerance, we have a service to help you. Tahoe Forest Home Health Services allows you to stay home so you can heal in comfortable and familiar surroundings. Home Health Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tahoe Forest Hospice is a specialized program that offers skilled comfort care for patients who are facing the end of life. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life, help preserve personal dignity, provide effective pain and symptom management, and support patients and their families physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Wellness Neighborhood

The Wellness Neighborhood was established in 2012 to address community health needs by developing a community-based and collaborative system of care to improve population health in the high sierra region.

In 2011 Tahoe Forest Health System conducted it's first Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) which engaged key stakeholders and community members to describe the health of local people, identify use of local health care services, identify community needs and distinguish action needed to address the future delivery of health care in the region. The 2011 CHNA identified 5 goals as health priorities:

  • Access to Primary Care
  • Immunizations
  • Ethnic Disparities
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse

The Wellness Neighborhood was established in 2012 to provide architecture for community health programming that focused on the 5 goals established in 2011 and expanded upon them to include Dental Care and Chronic Disease Management. The 2014 CHNA showed positive health trends as well as a need to continue community and health programming. The 2011 CHNA goals and the 2012 Wellness Neighborhood evolved in 2015 to their current focus:

  • Optimizing Health and Primary/Preventive Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Access to Care and Care Coordination

The Wellness Neighborhood builds off the theory that change is most likely to occur when core community organizations and leaders respond to calls to action and align their actions toward common results. This theory, referred to as Collective Impact, involves collaboration between TFHS and community organizations through design and alignment of priority issues, evaluation and tracking of improvements. Partnered organizations have a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication between partners and the public and perhaps most importantly a backbone of support organizations aligned with community non-profits.

Joseph Family Center for Women and Newborn Care

The goal of the Joseph Family Center for Women and Newborn Care is to anticipate your needs, earn your trust and exceed your expectations. Our Emergency Room and Joseph Family Center for Women and Newborn Care are both Safe Haven Baby Drop-Off locations. They allow mothers to surrender their newborns without any questions asked. Babies are given medical attention, and confidentiality for the mother is assured.

The Joseph Family Center for Women and Newborn Care is certified Baby-Friendly. This certification awards hospitals that have made a dedicated commitment to implement the ten steps in aiding mothers with breastfeeding. We offer a nurturing environment that supports mother and infant bonding immediately after delivery.

The Annalise King Hall Fund established by Lindsay and Josh Hall to assist grieving parents when dealing with the loss of a newborn.

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If you have any questions about donations, please contact the Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation  at (530) 582-6277.