What The Community Is Saying About Us

Speech Bubbles

We are always proud to share the positive recognition we receive for the way we care for our Emergency Room, Lakeside Family Medicine, and Incline Health Center patients:

“Staff was very knowledgeable, understandable, and professional. Maybe the best hospital visit I have ever had!”

“Dr. Baumann is wonderful! Best doctor I have ever been to. She listens to you!”

“Our experience was excellent! The doctor and nurse were wonderful to my 12 year old son and they had GREAT bedside manner. We appreciated them!”

“Some really great doctors with amazing understanding of cause and effect. They diagnosed, established a treatment plan, and started intravenous antibiotics all in only 4 hours. Amazing team!”

“My visit was quick and I was sent on my way to begin treatment. There’s no place like home when you don’t feel well!”

“Dr. Koch is a wonderful human being and a doctor who prioritizes integrative care, listening, and understanding. It has been a long journey for me, and I am very grateful.”

“Dr. Clyde was super passionate about what he does. I could really see that he actually cares about his patients and goes the extra mile. He explained everything in great detail so I knew exactly why something may be happening. Overall, a great experience!”

“Dr. Kim is the best doctor I’ve ever had!”

“Brittany at the Lab was amazing! Never felt the needle when she took my blood. So much better than many who do that job.”