Your Community Hospital at Work

Child receiving a flouride treatment

Community Outreach Programs

Many of you are already familiar with our services within our Hospital, but we are also building a robust community outreach program.  IVCH is constantly looking to collaborate with other community partners to improve the health of our entire community.  We are especially proud of our “Healthy Teeth” program, which is an oral health education and fluoride varnishing project that occurs at Incline Elementary School. We know that oral health is an essential component in one’s overall health and want to play an important role in ensuring these services are available for the youth in our community. 

Twice during each school year IVCH partners with the TMCC dental hygienist program as well as local Incline Village dental hygienists to provide oral health screenings, fluoride varnish applications and oral health education to all children who have signed up for the program.  Last school year we provided fluoride varnish and dental screenings for 120 students and educated all 320 students on good oral hygiene techniques. Accessing preventative dental care services, especially at no cost, in rural Northern Nevada is challenging. We are proud to partner with the community to offer this important service to our local elementary school!