What Our Community is Saying About Us

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We are always proud to share some of the positive recognition we receive from patients, honoring the compassionate care provided at Tahoe Forest Health System!

“I have nothing but very positive things to say about my entire experience at the Cancer Center, from when I was first diagnosed right up to the present. The entire team - from reception to infusion and Dr. Kaime to all of the supporting staff - has been exceptional!”

“Kindness and understanding was clear through all the staff at Tahoe Forest Hospital. I would recommend this hospital to friends.”

“Excellent communication and genuine care for me and my questions.”

“Dr. Rosengreen actually took the time to establish a connection with my son in order to gain his trust and reduce his fear. It made all the difference in the world. That extra minute or two to connect with a child is well spent, and results in much better treatment outcomes.”

“I do not know all of their names, but the nurses who took care of me in the morning and at night did an excellent job. Practitioners and technicians, too. I want to recognize them for their kindness, good attitude, and professional knowledge. Thank you so much, EVERYONE!”

“My entire experience was totally positive. I understood what was to occur, how the procedure was to be conducted, and what to expect as an outcome. Post-surgery care was very comforting and follow up with the doctor was thorough.”

“Access to care is always easy, friendly, and with great communication. They are very helpful. I can schedule multiple appointments with multiple providers at once. Coming from the Bay Area, the customer service is top notch!”