Tahoe Forest Hospital was founded on philanthropy, and 70 years later, our Health System continues to thrive under this heritage of generosity.

When Richard “Dick” Joseph donated the land for Truckee’s new hospital in 1949, he planted the seed for his family’s philanthropic legacy with Tahoe Forest Hospital. An Armenian-born immigrant, Dick and his wife Margaret settled in Truckee during the 1920s. The couple welcomed a son Levon, but Margaret died during the birth of her twin girls due to medical complications. Believing that his wife might have survived had Truckee had a full-service hospital, he donated the land on which Tahoe Forest Hospital now sits. 

Many years later, Dick Joseph and his sisters Roxie Archie and Azad McIver eagerly gave more land and money when the hospital needed to expand. In a 2003 interview with the Sierra Sun, Azad said, “My brother’s wish was to build a hospital. I’d rather take care of our people here...than give it to ‘Uncle’ (Sam).”

Dick and Levon JosephDick, Azad and Roxie JosephHospital land dedication ceremony in 1960