Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board of Directors Appoints New Member

Tahoe Forest Hospital exterior entrance

Tahoe Forest Health System is pleased to welcome Robert E. Barnett as the newly appointed member of the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board of Directors. A resident of Olympic Valley, CA, Mr. Barnett fills the vacant seat, effective October 1, 2021.

Prior to moving to Olympic Valley 6 years ago, Mr. Barnett served as a trial lawyer for 45 years with an office in Fairfield, CA, and a practice that covered San Francisco to Sacramento, and Napa to Stockton. Mr. Barnett’s practice included extensive medical legal work where he handled over 6,000 personal injury cases with close scrutiny to medical care. Mr. Barnett is now actively involved in projects and groups that focus on building the Tahoe community.

Mr. Barnett is a graduate of Occidental College where he received his Economics degree with honors. He received his Law degree from the University of California, Berkeley Law.

Mr. Barnett’s appointment to the Board of Directors seat will be effective through December 2022. Learn more about the members of the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board here.