January News

Kick Off the New Year with a Challenge: Build Resilience...in 21 Days!
graphic of a plant growing in the desert

Some of you may be thinking: Great! I like challenges, but what exactly does 'resilience' mean? Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It is also describes something that has the ability to spring back into its original shape. It is a skill that can be learned, if practiced.

If you tend to have a difficulty responding to daily stressors or the unexpected curve-balls that life throws your way, we would love for you to participate in this challenge with us!

When: The 21 Day Challenge is January 10th-31st (signup begins on January 4th).

Who: Open to all Tahoe Forest employees, spouses, and Tahoe Worx Wellness participants/portal users.

Where: Tahoe Works Wellness Portal.

Win: Everyone who completes at least 5 habits during the Challenge will be entered into a drawing. Prizes include resilience-related books and reminders.

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