Wellness Neighborhood 2020 Annual Report Now Available

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Since its inception in 2012, the Wellness Neighborhood has cultivated an integrated network of outreach, education, and multi-tiered programming to support the health system, primary and specialty care, and the community. ¬†We excel in problem solving and adapting to changing circumstances while bringing compassion, expertise, and action to all we do. We ensure collective impact by working collaboratively with multiple health system departments, local non-proÔ¨Āts, and government agencies.¬†

During Ô¨Āscal year 2020 we demonstrated continued growth and reÔ¨Ānement of our services with an enhanced focus on health inequities. This meant launching the system-wide Zero Suicide Initiative, supporting Primary Care and Specialty Clinics with streamlined Navigation services, providing 2,672 community health and education events reaching 19,023 people, and expanding services for our Spanish-speaking population through the Promotoras and culturally-relevant social media outreach.¬†

We responded to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic with rapid evolution by transitioning to virtual platforms for counseling and education within a week of shelter-in-place requirements. To support our technologically-challenged community members, we developed tip sheets and provided support telephonically on how to access and navigate these now ubiquitous online platforms while advocating for multilingual outreach on all possible avenues.   We were able to maintain core programming while beginning new initiatives to support patient safety, and we continue to experiment with patient engagement strategies  as we enter FY2021.

We invite you to download the 2020 Wellness Neighborhood Annual Report here.