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Elisa Chapman
Elisa Chapman

Elisa Chapman is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® and holds a M.A. in Sports Psychology and MBA.

Ever since she was very young, she was passionate about sports and engaged in several athletic activities. Along with her athletic endeavors, she spent time assisting her dad coaching soccer and working as a counselor at local summer camps. This initiated her passion for mentoring and coaching others to grow and become confident in the people they are.

Elisa's personal experience as an athlete, as well as her experience as a coach and counselor, led her to pursue an MA in sport psychology and MBA to create The Mobilized Mind.

She knows how vital mental skills are to the success of athletes, as well as to the people in any competitive and/or high-pressure environment. Whether you are performing on a snowboard, in a team sport, as a business sales rep, in the boardroom, on stage, or in rehabilitation; strong mental skills are vital to success. And training in mental skills is an advantage for any performer.

As a mental performance coach, she has found a niche that combines her passion for sports with her passion for mentorship of high performers in all walks of life. She is enthusiastic about every opportunity she has to partner with a performer on his or her journey of performance excellence.

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