January 2020

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Kick Off the New Year with a Challenge: Build Resilience...in 21 Days!

January News

Some of you may be thinking: Great! I like challenges, but what exactly does 'resilience' mean? Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It is also describes something that has the ability to spring back into its original shape. It is a skill that can be learned, if practiced.... Read more >
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Bounce Back & Thrive Forward (Speaking of Resilience)

Feature Article

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have an undying sense of confidence that “everything will work out”? They bounce back quickly after setbacks, and are skilled at problem solving even under pressure? These people are resilient, and resilience is a skill that ANYONE can learn.... Read more >
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Monitoring Your Baby's Milestones

Rethink Healthy

Wondering if your baby is hitting their developmental milestones? We all know that every child learns skills at at their own pace, but we still find ourselves comparing our child's milestones to others. Put your comparisons and nerves to a rest, and come and receive real answers from three professionals in the field.... Read more >
Joanna McMullen, MPT, ATRI-C, Massage Therapist and Aquatic Therapist
Joanna McMullen, MPT, ATRI-C, Massage Therapist and Aquatic Therapist

Wellness Team Member of the Month

Joanna received her Master in Physical Therapy from Chapman University. She is an orthopedic and aquatic physical therapist, certified in aquatic therapy, massage therapy, yoga and Watsu warm water massage.... Read more >
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Classes & Events

Baby Massage For parents and infants newborn to crawling, this hands-on workshop promotes bonding and communication, while improving baby’s circulation and digestion, easing tension, increasing relaxation, and reducing fussiness. Led by Linda Mackenzie, RN, Certified Infant Massage Instructor.... Read more >
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Homemade Kale Chips

Harvest of the Month

These baked kale chips satisfy the craving for both crunchy and savory, and yet are still healthy! Ingredients... Read more >