At Tahoe Forest Health System, we are guided by the following mission, vision, and values.

Our Mission

To enhance the health of our communities through excellence and compassion in all we do.

Our Vision

To strive to be the health system of choice in our region and the best mountain health system in the nation.

Our Values

At Tahoe Forest Health System, we are committed to being a value-based organization. Our values guide our decisions, both at a system level, a department level and personal and individual levels.

QUEST: the Values

QUALITY  holding ourselves to the highest standards, committing to continuous improvement, and having personal integrity in all we do

UNDERSTANDING  being aware of the concerns of others, demonstrating compassion, respecting and caring for each other as we interact

EXCELLENCE  doing things right the first time, every time, and being accountable and responsible

STEWARDSHIP  being a community partner responsible for safeguarding can and management of health resources while being innovative and providing quality healthcare

TEAMWORK  looking out for those we work with, finding ways to support each other in the jobs we do

Winning Aspirations

COMMUNITY: Aspire to be an integrated partner in an exceptionally healthy and thriving community

SERVICEAspire to deliver a timely, outstanding patient and family experience

QUALITY: Aspire to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients

PEOPLEAspire for a highly engaged culture that inspires teamwork and joy

FINANCEAspire for long-term financial strength