Tahoe Forest Health System Donates AED to Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue

NCSSAR members with TFHS Urgent Care Manager, Chris Malone

On July 6, 2023 Tahoe Forest Health System donated one AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (NCSSAR).

AEDs are an easy-to-use medical device, which can analyze the heart’s rhythm, and if necessary, deliver an electric shock, or defibrillation, to help re-establish an effective rhythm. As sudden cardiac arrest is among the leading causes of death in the United States, and will be a great tool in helping NCSSAR, and in turn – the regional community.

NCSSAR is a California Non-Profit corporation, staffed with volunteers and entirely funded by donations and fundraisers. Volunteer members are local citizens that have the desire to help their neighbors and friends in a time of need, but rely heavily on donations such as the AED machine from Tahoe Forest Health System.

“Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue are doing phenomenal work in our community,” said Harry Weis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tahoe Forest Health System. “We are pleased to be able to donate an AED machine to their causes, as it takes partnerships such as these to really make an impact on the health of our community.”

Currently, the only way to restore a regular heart rhythm during cardiac arrest is to use an AED. Because the average response time for first responders once 911 is called is 8 - 12 minutes, and for each minute defibrillation is delayed, the odds of survival are reduced by approximately 10 percent. Having access to an AED and knowing how to use one is critical, and TFHS sees this donation as an extension of its mission to enhance the health of the community.

To learn more about Tahoe Forest Health System and its various services and community contributions, please visit www.tfhd.com.

Caption: Tahoe Forest Health System presented Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue an AED donation in July 2023. Participants in photo (from left to right): Nina Clifton, Sergeant Dennis Haack, Kyle Frankland, Chris Malone, Ivan McGurk, and Josiah Boning.

August 7, 2023