TFHS Receives Award for Excellence in Innovation and Quality

Tahoe Forest Hospital

Tahoe Forest Health System recently received the National Rural Health Resource Center (NRHRC) Award for Excellence and Innovation in Quality. TFHS was recognized for its commitment to offering the highest quality care to its patients and the communities it serves. The NRHRC recognized Tahoe Forest Hospital for exemplary leadership and innovation in the area of quality improvement in response to a program implemented by the hospital to reduce instances of pneumonia.

“Congratulations to Tahoe Forest Hospital for delivering an outstanding patient-centered healthcare experience to their community and for demonstrating excellence and innovation in the area of quality,” said Angelica M. Perez, California’s NRHRC Flex Coordinator.

Recognizing excellent work in critical access hospitals (CAHs) throughout the country, the NRHRC works to promote excellence and quality in innovation, honors the achievements of CAHs, and publicizes successful strategies. Twenty CAHs were nominated in 2013. “This year’s recipients embody both outstanding quality and meaningful innovation,” said Terry Hill, NRHRC Executive Director. “They demonstrate that rural hospitals can lead the way in the rapidly changing healthcare industry.”

“We are very proud to be one of eight California Critical Access Hospitals to be recognized, “ said Bob Schapper, TFHS Chief Executive Officer. “This designation is so important to us because it demonstrates to our community the value of great health care available locally. We really want to thank and acknowledge our community, and because of their support we’ve been able to innovate and reinvest, allowing us to offer much broader and high-quality services. Above all, we applaud our excellent physicians and employees for this recognition. They are passionate about providing the very best care possible to our patients and their families.”

June 25, 2013