Tahoe WoRx Occupational Health Services

Creating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment: A Prescription for a Healthy Workforce

Occupational Health Services

Tahoe Forest Hospital Occupational Health Professionals and front line staff specialize in treating patients with work related problems, and are dedicated to working with both employees and employers.

Overall Program Goals

  • Healthier employees through our Wellness at Work program
  • Risk Management
  • Injury/Illness Management


For information or to schedule a TAHOE WORX consultation, please call (530) 582-3277.

occupational health

Benefits of Participation

  • Urgent care for job-related injuries and illness
  • 24-hour emergency care
  • OSHA mandated compliance exams
  • Reduction in absenteeism and lost time
  • Improved business performance as a result of healthier employees
  • Maximize employee/employer opportunities

Healthier Employees through Injury and Illness Prevention

Occupational Health Programs can help prevent injury and illnesses in the workplace before they occur, through education and by providing work-site health and safety evaluations, and immunization programs.

CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Body Mechanics: A one-hour presentation of proper body mechanics can be instrumental in keeping employees injury-free
OSHA: Bloodborne Pathogens
Back Classes: Customized programs to prevent injuries in the workplace
Infection and Disease Prevention: Classes for creating good habits against the spread of diseases specific to workplace risk and community exposure

Injury and Illness Management

When Injuries Occur
Initial treatment with return to work planning for insured workers.
Follow-up care after injuries occur to manage costs and reduce absenteeism.

Emergency Services
In the event of an accident, illness or exposure after clinic hours, our emergency department provides care with an occupational focus for all of our clients.

Occupational Health Services

We provide competent occupational health professionals trained to provide injury treatment to your workers with a strategy focused on early return to work, cost containment and treatment outcomes in compliance with the American College of Occupational Medicine.

Fast, efficient care is the goal of our service.

Our knowledgeable and professional staff provides hands-on care to injured workers. We use National Treatment Standards to document our outcomes and value of services.

Back to Work
We provide the injured worker with modified work plans with clear work restrictions so the employer can safely assign the employee to an appropriate modified work assignment.

Physical Therapy
Provided in Truckee, Tahoe City, and Incline Village, physical therapy is often an integral part of treatment. Services are proactive, focusing on patient education, training and work applications.

Employee Screenings

Our programs can help with legal compliance, creating a safe workplace, and can assist in the hiring and placement of your potential staff. We can help you make state and federal laws work for your company and staff.

  • Audiogram Screening
  • Development of Worksite Specific Physical Job Descriptions
  • DMV Physicals
  • Drug Free Programs
  • Drug Testing
  • Exposure Testing and Follow-up
  • Immunizations
  • Lab Screenings
  • Pre-placement Physicals
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Respiratory Fit Test
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Worksite Safety Evaluations
  • Workplace Safety Programs