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Truckee North Tahoe Dental Coalition
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Did you know?
  • Babies should see the dentist when they have their 1st tooth or by their 1st birthday! 
  • Oral health impacts the entire body. For example, gum disease can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack or preterm delivery/low birth weight babies!
  • Poor oral health can reduce a child’s quality of life, performance at school and success later in life!  
  • Cavities are caused by infectious bacteria that can be transferred from person to person! 

This is some of the awareness the Truckee North Tahoe Dental Coalition is striving to increase. Coalition members include Tahoe Forest Health System Pediatrics, Perinatal Care Coordination and the Wellness Neighborhood; Placer County Public Health; Nevada County Public Health; Tahoe Truckee Unified School District; Truckee Pediatric Dentistry and Medi-Cal Dental educators.