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Reduce Pain and Tension with Self-Massage
women stretching in exercise class

Do you find yourself trying to squeeze and massage your own shoulders, neck or back to release tension or reduce pain?. Do you ever feel a “twinge” somewhere in your body and think “Oh no! That’s going to set off a pain spiral!”. Self-massage can be a way to help cope with bodily pain and tension and even prevent injury.

  • Self-massage has many benefits:
  • Turns on the relaxing parasympathetic nervous system so it can help reduce tension and stress.
  • Helps to release tight fascia, knots and adhesions resulting in reduced tightness or immobility in joints and muscles
  • Helps to improve blood flow to the area to help with recovery and pain reduction
  • Keeps your muscles stimulated and supple to help reduce recurrences of old injuries or development of new ones from unfamiliar movements like a new workout routine

Release Tension and Reduce Pain with Self-Massage (PDF)