Pilates Group Reformer Class Schedule

Pilates Group Reformer Class Schedule

Woman exercises on reformer while instructor assists

Although the Pilates Reformer may look intimidating, it is a very safe and effective way to improve core strength, reduce back pain, and tone the body from head to toe. Beginning Reformer exercises are great for those recovering from injury or who need to improve their posture. Once the foundation is established, the Pilates Reformer can be a great tool for functional and athletic training.

Pre-registration required. Please call 587-3769 to register.

9:45 am

Maximum 6 participants; minimum 2. Class will be canceled if there is only one participant. Please make sure paperwork is completed prior to first appointment. It is recommended that new participants complete a one-on-one session prior to joining a group unless cleared by the instructor. All classes are one hour. 

Group Pilates Pricing:
$35 - single session
$195 - 6 pack
$300 - 10 pack

Pilates Reformer private sessions are also available.
Individual 60-minute sessions:
$75 - per session
$420 - package of 6 (save $30)
$650 - package of 10 (save $100)