Letter from Foundation Leadership

Karli Epstein and Jonathan Smith

Summer at Incline Village Community Hospital is always an exciting time. When traffic picks up in town, it also picks up in our Emergency Room and at Incline Health Center. It’s also the time of year that our Board and IVCH Administration decides on the coming year’s “Area of Greatest Need” to determine our fundraising campaign goals. It’s very rewarding to set our sights on improving our local hospital, especially since every past campaign has meant a huge leap forward for our facility. As other rural hospitals face closure, ours has improved, in a very large part because of the helping hands of philanthropy and the tremendous support we receive from our donors. As a Foundation we are truly excited to announce our latest campaign for adding value to this community - upgrading the surgical services suite at IVCH. Read more about this endeavor in the Hospital Updates section below.

We hope you all have a safe and wonderful summer!

Karli Epstein, Executive Director IVCH Foundation
Jonathan Smith, IVCH Foundation Donor Relations Chair