Donate Now

If you are interested in supporting the long-term vision for the Hospital you can make a plan to give a gift to IVCHF in the future, so that we can continue our life-saving services for all of our community members.

There are numerous estate planning techniques available that can maximize your testamentary charitable gifting and mitigate tax exposure. Please consult your tax advisor or estate planner for more information about tax deductions for charitable donations, and review a few of the options below. 

Will or trust bequests

These gifts are made by including a provision in your will or trust document. IVCHF receives your gift after your passing, at which time your estate can take the income and estate tax deductions.

Charitable lead trust

A charitable lead trust would pay IVCHF for a certain of years, and then the trust principal passes back to you, your family members or other heirs. It can be an excellent estate planning vehicle if you own assets that you expect will substantially appreciate in value. It can help you keep an asset in the family, while enjoying some tax benefits.

Charitable remainder trust

A charitable remainder trust is the mirror image of the charitable lead trust. Trust income is payable to you, your family members, or other heirs for a period of years, then the principal would come to IVCHF. A charitable remainder trust can be beneficial because it provides you with a stream of current income!

Donors who notify the Foundation of their intention to include IVCHF in their will or trust are instated as an IVCHF Legacy Partner in Health member. The Foundation would like to thank and recognize (based on donor preference) supporters for their intention to give, while they are still living. If you plan to leave a gift to the Incline Village Community Hospital Foundation please contact Karli Epstein, Executive Director, or by calling (775) 888-4204.

Thank you for your interest in creating a legacy of commitment, which will help us ensure that our community Hospital will remain sustainable and strong for generations to come!