Letter from IVCH Foundation Leadership

Karli Epstein & Jonathan Smith

Greetings Incline Village Community,

It hasn’t been easy keeping pace with the dynamic events of 2020, and as we reflect on the state of healthcare concerns of our country, it is positively astonishing that our community hospital is not only unbroken, but very safe and fully open for all patients. It could be said that Incline Village has the biggest little hospital in the world given the quality of care that is available in our small rural community by the healthcare team at IVCH. Weathering the on-going storm of COVID-19 has been a challenge for everyone, especially front-line workers, but six months into the pandemic the staff at our health system have risen to the challenge and are prepared better than most to meet the healthcare needs of the community.

It is a testament to the incredible philanthropic support from our community, which equipped IVCH with emergency relief funding, that our healthcare staff has the tools and supplies they need to provide safe and immediate health assistance. We want to extend our deepest gratitude for the incredible support we have received from our donors. Over the course of 2020, supporters contributed over $600,000 to the IVCHF COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, and within the past month, we received very strong support for our annual “Area of Greatest Need” summer appeal, which is endeavoring to raise funds to upgrade the surgical suite at IVCH.

Feelings of gratitude for the support for the Foundation and the services the health system provides are as strong as ever. Our team is determined to continue to work towards the mission of providing and expanding exceptional healthcare services to our local community. (Keep reading for more updates on the introduction of behavioral health services at IVCH!)

One last exciting piece of information. In early September, I am expecting a baby boy and will be out of the office on maternity leave this Fall. I will be returning to work around the holidays, but if you have any questions, please either call our Foundation office at (775) 832-4262 or send an email to: foundation@tfhd.com. Our Foundation team will receive your message and will be happy to assist you while I am out!

Best Wishes and With Much Gratitude,
Karli Epstein
Executive Director IVCHF