Helmsley Charitable Trust and the IVCH Diagnostic Imaging Upgrade

Last month, members of the Helmsley Charitable Trust team paid the Incline Village Community Hospital a site visit! Advancing the Helmsley goal of providing hospitals in rural Nevada new and improved technology, IVCH was awarded a $1.8mm grant in late 2021. This significant endowment will support the future purchase and installation of a new and upgraded 32 slice CT, as well as the latest in fixed x-ray equipment. 

During their tour - joined by myself, Louis Ward/TFHS COO, and Sadie Wangler/Director of Diagnostic Imaging - the Helmsley team expressed admiration for the comprehensive healthcare our Hospital provides for our small community. They are proud affiliates, to say the least. As we begin to implement the vision for IVCH’s upgraded Diagnostic Imaging service line, we anticipate breaking ground sometime during the first quarter of 2023. A mobile CT unit will be utilized throughout the construction process so current imaging services continue uninterrupted.

We are extraordinarily grateful to the Helmsley team for collaborating with us on this noteworthy addition to IVCH patient care! 

If you would like to learn more or make a gift in support of this ongoing work, please visit inclinehospital/giving for more information.