Symptoms of COVID-19

Signs and symptoms of infection with COVID-19 (coronavirus) may appear two to 14 days after exposure. Risk factors for infection with the new coronavirus appear to include:

  • Recent travel from affected geographic areas: China, Italy, Iran, Japan, and South Korea
  • Close contact with someone who has the new coronavirus — such as when a family member or health care worker takes care of an infected person

People who are older or who have other existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, may be at higher risk of becoming seriously ill with the new coronavirus. But there is still much unknown about the virus, and the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization continue to investigate.

When to See a Medical Provider

If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, please call the Tahoe Forest Health System COVID-19 Hotline at (530) 582-3450, from 9am - 4pm, Monday through Friday. 

On the weekends, if you are COVID-positive and looking for COVID-related medicines or medical advice, consider contacting someone on your healthcare team or going to an urgent care clinic. The Emergency Department at Tahoe Forest is open 7 days a week.

For all other questions related to COVID-19, please contact your county health department:

  • Nevada County Public Health: (833) 342-5211
  • Placer County Public Health: (530) 886-5310
  • Washoe County Public Health: (775) 328-2427
  • El Dorado County Public Health: Dial 211 on your phone

Based on answers to the COVID-19 screening questions, our nurses will redirect all patients to the right patient care location within our healthcare system. We are very focused on keeping all applicable patients out of our physician offices, emergency department and the hospital to lower infection control risks. Of course, our emergency department is open 24/7 for life threatening emergencies.

We have also created a drive-through clinic on our Tahoe Forest Hospital campus that is referral-only, and patients may be directed to it for testing if it’s needed. Our nurses will describe that location to patients should it be the best fit for a patient’s condition. 

Get Tested

Placer County is offering free testing through an independent company in Truckee at the Old Gateway Center at 10990 Donner Pass Road. Testing is free to all, and it is not necessary to have symptoms of COVID-19 in order to receive a test. Anyone in a public-facing job, headed back to work, at a higher risk, or just concerned about COVID-19 exposure is encouraged to get tested.

Pre-registration is required and can be done at or by calling 888-634-1123.

Prevention and Protection

Protection and prevention against the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is much like preventing transmission of the seasonal flu.

  • Please STAY HOME if you are sick, except to get medical care
  • If you have fever, cough, gastrointestinal or respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath, please contact your primary care medical provider ahead by telephone to discuss your symptoms
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick
  • Cover your cough, or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue away in the trash
  • Avoid touching your eyes, ears, nose and mouth
  • Wear a cloth face covering or non-surgical mask in public. Learn more about the CDC's recommendations, as well as find simple instructions for sewn and no-sew face coverings. Or if you are a more skilled seamstress, download a pattern courtesy of That's Sew Tahoe.
  • If you use a homemade mask, be sure to wash it properly
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
  • Avoid sharing dishes, glasses, bedding and other household items if you’re sick

Stay Healthy: Other Illness or Injury

Do not delay seeking treatment if you are experiencing an urgent medical concern such as chest pain, evidence of stroke, trauma or severe injury. Our Emergency Rooms are open and safe to visit. Our stringent safety protocols and screening procedures will keep you safe from the virus and away from patients who may be infected. Delaying timely treatment of urgent conditions is dangerous and may cause the condition to worsen or become an emergency.

COVID-19 Vaccine & Pregnancy

For most people, getting the COVID vaccine as soon as possible is the safest choice. However, trials testing the vaccine in pregnant and breastfeeding women have not been completed. The information in this brochure will help you make an informed choice about whether to get the COVID vaccine while you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. If you have additional questions, please schedule and appointment to discuss your concerns with a healthcare provider by calling (530) 582-6205.

Travel Precautions

View the latest information about COVID-19 for travelers and travel related industries.

Note that it is recommended to avoid personal or professional travel to any country with a CDC level 3  or State Department Level 4 advisory.