Alcohol Awareness Challenge

Alcohol Awareness Challenge

Beer bottle being poured into glass

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. 

What role does alcohol play in your life? Whether you are ‚Äúsober curious,‚ÄĚ seeking to be more mindful around drinking, or are ready to cut back or cut out alcohol, this Wellness Challenge¬†is perfect for you!

Join the Tahoe Forest Alcohol Awareness Challenge by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in to: Don’t have a login already? Register by using 11890 as the Company ID.
  2. Open the Menu (upper left-hand corner), and click Challenges, then click to Join the April Alcohol Awareness Challenge.
  3. Follow the instructions to participate, and expect supportive e-mails right to your inbox to help you achieve your personal goals.
  4. WIN! Get entered into a drawing to win prizes for participating.

For questions, e-mail