Gudrun Hartig

Massage Therapist
Gudrun Hartig headshot

Gudrun graduated from The School of Shiatsu and Massage in 2006 and has been giving the Tahoe community nurturing therapeutic massage ever since. A keen observer and listener with eyes, ears and hands to assess physical and energetic condition of each client, Gudrun loves supporting people in their health and wellness and helping them relax, renew and recharge.

Specializing in patient, deliberate deep tissue/myofascial stretching and release, craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage, Gudrun eases clients and their bodies out of pain and discomfort into flexibility, flow and openness. She also integrates a myriad of modalities from neuromuscular therapy to reflexology to chakra balancing in order to fully satisfy the needs, objectives and preferences of each massage session.

Gudrun enjoys expanding her study of technique, anatomy and physiology. This both helps her sense physiological and energetic changes and guides her intuition for optimal therapeutic approach in order to achieve the most profound and positive lasting effects.