Tahoe Forest Women’s Center was started in 1984. Since then, the practice has grown as Truckee and the North Lake Tahoe area have grown. We have delivered over 10,000 babies since 1984. We strive to provide the highest quality and standard of care for the women in our community. Our medical staff consists of three physicians and an OB/GYN Registered Nurse Practitioner.

We advocate preventative medicine, as with annual exams, PAP smears and mammography, as well as problem-oriented care, extending from puberty through menopause. We care for menopausal women, including hormonal therapy and osteoporosis prevention. We feel that good preconception planning and prenatal care are important aspects of a successful pregnancy. We consider ourselves to be progressive and current in pregnancy care. We have you see all of our physicians during your pregnancy so you get to know each of them personally. We do not share call with any other group, so you will know the doctor that will be there to deliver your baby, insuring a personal level of care. Any decisions regarding your care, procedures and your pregnancy are made jointly with you, your partner and the practitioners after discussing your options. Our expertise is to provide you with the information upon which these decisions can be made.

Tahoe Forest Women’s Center is happy to announce our affiliation with the Tahoe Forest Medical clinic. Tahoe Forest Hospital will be taking over the management of our practice to help with efficiencies and allow the doctors to spend more time on patient care. The office will remain the same with regards to our patients – we will remain in the same office building and all the staff & physicians will be the same. We look forward to continuing to provide OB/GYN care to the north Lake Tahoe area.

We encourage your questions at any time. One of our three doctors is always available for problems or emergencies after hours and may be contacted through the answering service.