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Your gift is tax deductibleAbout Team Member Giving and why it matters

Each year, contributions of all amounts, from thousands of individuals - including our own Team Members – support the Tahoe Forest Health System. Individually, each of us play a vital role in keeping our organization thriving. By participating in the Team Member Giving Program, employees have the ability to work together to pledge our support for those who depend on us - our patients, their families, our loved ones, and our peers.

With meaningful donations from TFHS team members, the Foundations are able to make a significant difference in the lives of our community members. There is no dollar fundraising goal, just a challenge to participate. What you give is up to you, and 100% of every dollar supports the causes YOU choose!

100% of your gift supports live-saving servicesWhat we support

Your opinion matters! Team Member Giving donors help make the important decisions regarding TFHS funding opportunities. Our Team Member Giving Working Group, the collective voice of those who participate in the program, work in conjunction with our TFHS Administrative Council to help decide how to best utilize our Team Member Giving general funds!

With the generous contributions received from our employee donors in previous years, our donors had the privilege of financially supporting two exciting initiatives:


Our Team Member Giving donors proudly committed to purchasing 13 additional PAPR’s, or Powered Air Purifying Respirators, for our health system’s clinicians. PAPR’s are battery operated face coverings that use a blower to pass contaminated air through a HEPA filter, supplying purified oxygen directly into the face piece. Thank you, Team Member Giving donors, for playing a pivotal role in keeping both our staff members and patients safe!

GE Panda Baby Warmer

In 2022, the TFHS and IVCH Team Member Giving donors voted to support the purchase of the GE Panda Baby Warmer for each of our Emergency Rooms. This specialized baby warmer monitors integrated blood oxygen levels and allows for easy access to everything required for emergency resuscitation for high-risk infants. Thank you, Team Member Giving donors for your support in purchasing this advanced equipment to provide lifesaving care. 

The healing power of kindness is present in every gift. The Foundations are grateful for the thoughtfulness so many of our team members have shared with our Health System. The Team Member Giving Program gives us a shared opportunity to continue supporting groundbreaking initiatives that are important to all of us – community members, employees, and loved ones!

IVCH Foundation raised $350K to help renovate the IVCH labWays to give

At the end of the day, we all want to help guarantee that our loved ones and community members have ongoing access to high-quality health care. When team members give, it sends a powerful message to the public that those who work here take pride in – and are committed to – the incredible daily accomplishments at TFHS.

Join us in reaching our 2024 year goal of Raising $75,000 for 75 Years of Tahoe Forest Health System! There are three ways to enroll!

  1.  Complete online giving form by scanning the QR code below:
  2. Visit our Intranet Site to complete the Team Member Giving Form
  3. Complete and return the Team Member Giving Form to Christina Lee at

You can support the Employee Assistance fund to help support our own team members in times of needTeam Member Giving in action!

Did you know that when you purchase a Gratitude Gram you are automatically enrolled in our Team Member Giving Program? This entitles you to one of our Team Member Giving lanyards, as well as a special invitation to join our monthly Trivia Tuesday activity, where you might win a TFHS Yeti Tumbler!

TFHS foundation raised money to purchase new 3d mammography equipmentDonor testaments

Samantha Zilsdorf, Patient Registration, Financial Counselor –
“I participate in the TFHS Team Member Giving program because I enjoy giving back to our team and community. Giving is contagious and encouragement from others can really help create a better environment for us all. I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization, who cares for their employees and community. This is my little contribution to help others who may 
really need it.”

Ashley Davis, Quality and Regulations, Patient Safety Officer –
“I started participating in the Team Member Giving program after I witnessed first-hand the impact it has had on our staff and on patient care. The Foundation is able to help purchase much needed equipment for clinical areas that directly affect patient outcomes (for example: patient monitoring systems, education supplies for nurses, 3D mammography, etc.). I realized that by donating from each paycheck, I would be able to help improve day-to-day workflow for our nurses and other clinical team members, and ultimately those small donations could help save a life someday. I donate because it feels good to give back to organization that helps so many people in our community.”

Anonymous –
“I give to the Employee Assistance Fund because my fellow team members are what make Tahoe Forest such a great place to work. We aren’t just coworkers. We are neighbors, friends, and sometimes even family. We are all part of the same team, and it’s important that we take care of each other, because we never know what someone might be going through. We all fall on hard times now and then, and having an option for financial help during these times can really make a difference.”