Donor Impact

VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution Knee Replacement Devic

Without the support and enthusiasm of our donors, we could not do what we do here at the TFHS Foundation. And we are doing big things!

Our distinguished Orthopedics team is known for their compassionate care and positive outcomes. Their reputation for incredible results precedes them. Subsequently, patients travel great distances to consult with them. If the Foundation Board of Directors can find a tangible way to support them, they do not hesitate. With that, the purchase of a state of the art, VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution Knee Replacement Device was unanimously approved and will be coming to TFHS in the coming months! This very specialized tool provides an instinctive, interactive design that gives surgeons control over visualizing and predicting joint stability. This ‘next generation’ device also enables physicians to evaluate anatomy and plan for an optimal implant position while utilizing the robotic-assisted solution to deliver and execute their plan. This particular device is not currently available anywhere else in our region. We are the first in our area to secure this specific piece of equipment, alleviating the need to seek knee replacements outside of our community.

As we look toward the future, the Foundation Board of Directors is also developing a plan to help fund a new, 3T MRI for Tahoe Forest Hospital. 3T MRI’s are beneficial in many ways, but none more important than the accurate and timely diagnosis of disease or injury. Providing more scanning options for physicians, the 3T MRI outputs more detailed images in less time – sometimes 2 to 3 times faster than an older MRI model. Higher quality scans with more detailed imaging lead to better outcomes for patients, thanks to early diagnosis and a better understanding of which body parts might be affected by injury or illness.

VELYS Robotic-Assisted  Knee Replacement Device and 3T MRIProviding advanced technology, like the VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution Knee Replacement Device and the 3T MRI, takes our rural Health System to an unprecedented level. Access to this type of elevated care, right here at home, takes collective effort. If you would like to help support the Foundation in its quest to deliver to this type of innovative, life-saving equipment to our patients, please visit