Pregnancy & development

Full Term Timer: Labor contraction time, pregnancy reference and kick counter. FREE.

I’m Expecting Pregnancy App and Baby Guide. FREE.

What To Expect: Guides you through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. FREE.

Mommy Meds – Pregnancy Safety Guide. Premier health and safety app for all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. FREE.

iPregnant – Pregnant Pregnancy Tracker (iPeriod’s Pregnancy Companion). Pregnancy tracking app. FREE.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today by Baby Center. Daily Maternity Calendar and Parenting Guide. FREE.

Quit for You – Quit For Two – Support for quitting smoking for pregnant or planning to be mothers. FREE.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro with Baby Names. Pregnancy related questions and answers. FREE.

Baby Story – Pregnancy Pics and Baby Milestones Photo. Capture precious moments of your pregnancy and turn them into lasting memories. FREE.

Glow Nurture – Pregnancy Trackers, Due Date Calendar, Baby Bump app. FREE.

The Bump – Daily Pregnancy and Baby Tracker. FREE.

Sprout Pregnancy – Daily pregnancy guide and tracking tool. FREE.

WebMD Pregnancy – Delivers trusted health information to expectant moms and other fun features. FREE.


Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker. FREE.

Fish4Health. Food tracker for seafood. FREE.

Food Additives. Avoid these potentially dangerous food additives. FREE.

Safe Food Mum – Food Additives Free Edition. Improve food choices and understand food labels. FREE.

Foods Not to Eat When Pregnant. $2.99.

Pregnancy to Child Birth Apps. Includes foods to avoid as well as pregnancy tracker and other tools. $5.99 Bundle.

Soleil Organics. Food buying guide to assist in where to buy organic and understanding labels. $0.99.

Waterlogged – Drink more water, daily water intake tracker and hydration reminders. FREE.

Exercise & meditation

Mindfulness for Pregnancy. Mindfulness mediation practices. $2.99.

Pregnancy Exercise. Specific exercises for every week of pregnancy. $4.99.

Positive Pregnancy: Hypnosis meditation and yoga nidra for positive pregnancy and hypno-birth. FREE.

Pregnant and Fit. Stay healthy and fit while pregnant. $2.99.

Prenatal Workout. 20 minute exercises for pregnancy. FREE.

Prenatal Yoga. Pregnancy yoga workouts and exercises dedicated to pregnancy woman. FREE.