3T MRI Update

Tahoe Forest Hospital 3T MRI

This year, the Foundation has remained focused on subsidizing our Health System’s new 3T MRI project. This cutting-edge equipment will help our physicians provide more detailed and timely patient diagnoses. Projected for completion next month, the Tahoe Forest Hospital 3T MRI will provide exemplary diagnostic imaging services. The impact of our donors’ gifts to the Health System’s Area of Greatest Need is powerful, and significantly benefits our patient community.

With the increase in our population and the need for expanded physician services, many of our departments – including surgical services, specialty clinics, laboratory services, and diagnostic imaging – are requiring additional equipment and updated technology. Upgrades, such as the 3T MRI, will support all of our clinicians in providing timely and targeted care.

If you would like to make a gift to our Area of Greatest Need, which supports projects such as the 3T MRI, visit www.tfhd.com/giving for additional information.