Episode 37: Wellness & Tahoe WoRx Occupation

A person’s well-being is a crucial part of their health. At Tahoe Forest Health System, we seek to support a person’s wellness by being proactive about their health, and available when they need us in emergencies.

Holiday Wellness

While it’s one of the most decadent and celebratory times of year, the holidays can also represent a decline in people’s mental and physical health. Learn how Tahoe Forest Health System is here for you during the holiday season.

Occupational Health with Wendy Buchanan

Supporting the community’s employers (and our own employees) through health resources isn’t just what we do – it’s what we’re passionate about. Learn more about occupational health and meet Director of Occupational Health & Wellness Wendy Buchanan.

Philanthropy & Well-Being

We get by with a little help from our friends … and want to thank the community for its generous donations, which allow us to provide better care for the region. Tune in to learn more about giving at Tahoe Forest Health System.