Get to Know Your Wellness Team

Liz Schenk
Foster the yellow lab holding a knife in his mouth

We thought you might enjoy getting to know your Wellness Team a little better, and Liz volunteered to be the first one featured in the new series. Enjoy!

Where are you from and what do you miss most about it?

I am from Detroit, MI. I miss my family the most but I also miss the AMAZING Greek, Lebanese restaurants and of course going to Detroit Red Wings games. 

What is your favorite aspect of coaching/instructing/teaching?

I love the people! Fitness Forever is so much more than an exercise class. They are a kindhearted group who all look out for each other. They give the instructor a hard time here and there but it is always done with love :)

Tell us about your dog and what is the funniest thing he does?

We have a yellow lab named Foster. He is the “class clown”. There are so many things to choose from! He steals silverware from the dishwasher which can get a little dicey when it is a sharp knife! (see photo on left)