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Walking for Fun!
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How to take walking from something you should do to something you WANT to do

We all know the health benefits of walking including burning calories, strengthening the heart, lowering blood sugar and maintaining/losing weight. Now how do you take walking from something you should do to something you WANT to do?

  • Join a walking or hiking club. Tahoe Trail Trekkers is a local hiking and walking group that promotes “Fun, Fitness and Friendship’. This groups offers various walks throughout the year in Truckee and surrounding areas.
  • Walk for a cause! Sign up and train for one of Truckee’s many fundraising events like the Reno River Run on October 3rd 2021 or Reno’s Wobble Before you Google 10K/5K on November 25th 2021. 
  • Reward yourself for meeting you’re walking/step goals each week. Treat yourself to a healthy meal or a fun activity.
  • Mix it up and try different routes to avoid boredom. Try “All Trails” to get ideas on trails and walking paths in your area. On this APP is you can filter by distance, elevation gain, difficulty level. A map can be download to follow and there are user reviews to help you decide what trails are best for you.

The most important factor to finding an exercise routine that works for you is to find something you enjoy. Try one or all of these tips to find the fun in walking!

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