January 2019

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We would like to welcome you to the monthly Tahoe Forest Center for Health newsletter. Our goal is to guide you on your path towards improved health and wellness by providing support, health education resources, and information about upcoming health related events. We realize it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through health conditions... Read more >
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Rethink Healthy

Tips & Tricks for Positive Relationships: If your relationship is healthy, this workshop will provide insight and tools to make it even better. If your relationship is in distress, we can give you a road-map for repair. You will be provided with a brief overview on how to foster respect, affection, and closeness; build and share a deeper...... Read more >
The road to success

Goal Setting: The Road To Success

This year, make sustainable change a reality! Set a vision for your BEST future, and then set realistic goals that will support that vision. Attempting behavior change without setting a vision or goals is like setting out on a journey without knowing why, or where, you’re going. Without a vision, there is no motivation to persist through...... Read more >

Harvest of the Month

If you have never tasted a sunchoke, you are not alone. Sunchokes are a knobby vegetable that slightly resembles ginger. Although they are also referred to as Jerusalem artichokes, they are neither from Jerusalem nor related to artichokes. Sunchokes are a thin-skinned root vegetable from the sunflower family, and they are more similar to potatoes... Read more >
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January News

Stay healthy this flu season: It’s not too late to get the flu vaccine! Wash your hands with soap and water after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing; before prepping food or eating; after using the restroom. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Stay home when feeling sick. And most...... Read more >
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Classes & Events

The Tahoe Forest Center for Health offers classes and workshops for everyone! FREE Community Health Talk - Tips & Tricks for Positive Relationships. This workshop will provide insight and tools to support your relationships. Learn how to foster respect, affection and closeness; break through and manage conflict grid-lock, strengthen and...... Read more >